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Up Next...

October 26, 2 p.m.

Theater J presents a reading of:

The Hampton Years

Written by Jacqueline E. Lawton
Directed by Shirley Serotsky

This play explores the development of great African American artists John Biggers and Samella Lewis under the tutelage of Austrian Jewish refugee painter and educator, Viktor Lowenfeld. Focusing on pivotal years at Hampton Institute in Virginia during WWII, this richly researched tapestry of African American luminaries like Elizabeth Catlett (portrayed by Lolita-Marie) reveals the dreams and travails of young artists in a segregated society while examining the impact of WWII on a Jewish immigrant and his influence on Hampton students and artists past and present.

Jewish Community Center
1529 16th Street, NW Washington DC 20036
(202) 518-9400

Tickets are FREE!

Waiting in the Wings...

November, 2012

The Soul Collector

Written by local playwright David Emerson Toney
Directed by Deidra Starnes
Presented by Port City Playhouse

The Soul Collector is a comedy surrounding the adventures of two sanitation workers in 1972 Cleveland, Ohio. This supernaturally fun play includes human spirits (played by Lolita-Marie), a shape-shifting demon, and the moving themes of family love and loyalty.

February, 2013

Sty of the Blind Pig

Written by Phillip Hayes Dean
Directed by Shirley B. Dunlap
Presented by African Continuum Theatre Company

The arrival of a blind street hustler changes the life of sheltered young African American woman (portrayed by Lolita-Marie) in the Chicago of the 50's

June, 2013

The Hampton Years

Written by Jacqueline E. Lawton
Directed by Shirley Serotsky
Presented by Theater J

Experience the fully-staged debut of The Hampton Years in all of its historical glory. It is almost too good to be true, most certainly too good to miss


March 2012

The second full-length film from Nubia Filmworks has arrived - Nocturnal Agony. The first film, staring Lolita-Marie - Too Saved, is available online and at many of your local retailers. For more information, click here. See the Trailer!

12th Annual WATCH Award Nominee - Outstanding Lead Actress/Mattie Cheeks, No Niggers, No Jews, No Dogs

11th Annual WATCH Award Nominee -
Outstanding Lead Actress/Ruth Younger, A Raisin in the Sun

9th Annual WATCH Award Winner!
Lolita-Marie was awarded the 2008 WATCH award for "Outstanding Cameo in a Play" for her role as Mrs. Muller in Doubt, A Parable. Doubt was performed with the Elden Street Players under the direction of Gloria Dugan. Lead Jane MacFarlane as Sister Aloysius also tied for "Best Lead Actress in a Play." 114 productions were adjudicated in 2008.